Strio Fly High 2g 510 Battery

Strio Fly High 2g 510 Battery

Fly High isn't just a discreet 510 thread battery; it's a revolutionary way to consume your favorite 510 carts. With its automatic smoke spray function, Fly High shoots smoke at you for harder hits than you’ve ever experienced! Crafted for those who value style, power, and discretion, this is more than a mere device—it's your secret weapon.

650 mAh battery for long-lasting battery life

Variable voltage: 2.8V (green light) / 3.4V (blue light) / 3.8V (red light)

Stylish and discreet with a hidden compartment for your favorite 1-2g vape cart!

Automatic smoke spray function shoots a powerful jet of smoke!

Button and auto-draw capability, preheat and variable voltage options

Rechargeable with lightning-fast USB Type-C charge port

Aluminum alloy shell + plastic cigarette holder Fits most 1-2g carts within 14mm diameter (carts NOT included)

Magnetic lock to easily snap your cart into place Over-voltage and short-circuit protection 4 distinct colors!

Cartridges not included*

Assorted Colors

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