Lookah Seahorse Pro

Lookah Seahorse Pro

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is a highly versatile multi-u se dab pen vaporizer. The Seahorse Pro features the ability to be used as a nectar collector, is compatible with 510 cartridges, and includes a 14/18mm adapter to be used with your glass pieces.

The included quartz coil tip is achieves fantastic flavor and vapor production. The Seahorse Pro features an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery, power output up to 4.1V, and can fire resistances down to 1.0ohm.

Furthermore, for use with concentrates, the Seahorse Pro has a Wax Exclusive Mode - initiated by pressing the power button three (3) times, the device will pre-heat for 15 seconds, then continually hold the temperature for 30 seconds, allowing you more than enough time for the perfect dab!


•1x Lookah Seahorse Pro

•1x Tip Adapter

•1x Connection Hose

•1x Cleaning Brush

•1x 14/18mm Adapter

•1x USB Cable

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