Aleaf UFO Perk Recycler

Aleaf UFO Perk Recycler

Standing around 6 inches tall, this recycler packs a punch in every hit. The UFO-style circ perc  allows for maximum filtration while the recycling mechanism ensures your hit is cooled to perfection.  Each piece is accented with a gold decal and comes with a 14mm enforced joint and 14mm male quartz banger.

Box Packaging for safe shipping.

Includes 14mm Thermal Banger made of 99.9% Quartz. 

Specs: Dimensions: 6" Joint: 14mm Female

Accessories: 14mm Male Banger made of 99.9% Quartz Glass

Thickness: - Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass

 Percolator: Circ Perc Ice Catcher: No Color: Clear, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Smoke

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