Aleaf FEB Sphere Recycler

Aleaf FEB Sphere Recycler

This is for the connoisseurs of smokers. If you want enjoy a play where  you see the goods evaporate from the banger down to the perc.  Then how the water gets defused all around the egg shape center of the rig.  You see the waterpipe light up with smoke bottom to top and see it enter your mouth.  This is a beautiful display of smoke going from the banger around  your waterpipe and as it enters your mouth. This takes your experience to the next level. 


Dimensions: 7"

Joint: 14mm Female

Accessories: 14mm Male Banger Glass Thickness: - 

Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass

 Percolator: Fab Sphere Ice Catcher: No Color: Clear, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Smoke


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