Aleaf FEB Egg Recycler

Aleaf FEB Egg Recycler

This is for the connoisseur of smokers. You can see the smoke  travel down the perc and see up close how the water  diffuses all around the egged shape center of the rig.  You can even see the water pipe light up with smoke from the bottom to the  top. It is a beautiful display of smoke swirling around your banger and  water pipe as it enters your mouth. This takes your smoking experience  all the way to the next level. This piece of art even has preventatives designed to  keep you from swallowing water.


Dimensions: 7" Joint: 14mm Female

Accessories: 14mm Male Banger

Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass

Percolator: Fab Egg Ice

Catcher: N/A

Color: Classic Clear, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Fumed Smoke

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