Aleaf Spec Head 14" 9mm Glass Beaker

Aleaf Spec Head 14" 9mm Glass Beaker

This is the Heavy Duty Spec Head Beaker for all  the Heavy Duty hitters.

With its 9mm thickness and ice catcher  handle, it can stand any kind of party. Not to mention the added  filtration you get from the custom matrix down stem!!

Specs for our beloved Spec Heads... 

Dimensions: Approx 14"

Weight: Approx 3.2 lbs with accessories 

Neck: 51mm in Diameter 

Base: 129mm in Diameter 

Join: 18mm Female 

Accessories: 14mm/18mm Matrix Perc Downstem + Custom 14mm Male Glass Bowl Glass

Thickness: 9mm (Super Thick Glass)

Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass

Percolator: Diffused Downstem 

Ice Catcher: Yes 

 Color: Clear


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